I provide support services that incorporate my resourceful and creative problem solving skills with my experience as an artist, designer and administrator to provide support, planning and development for creative professionals.

What is a Creative Professional?
All types of artists including fine artists, production artists, performers, curators and professors.
My clients are professionally involved in all manner of creative activities.

Some of the things I do as a Creative VA are:
• provide professional and personal project management and organizational services
• provide business and/or personal correspondence
• provide personal and professional shopping/gift buying wrapping and sending
• develop systems of organization for client work products
• develop and maintain distribution plans for production goods
• develop and maintain work samples, portfolio, and or catalogs for presentation
• produce and maintain press packets, resumes and marketing materials
• maintain slide library and/or digital files for visual artists
• assist in organization and implementation of trade show booth presentations
• make travel arrangements (business & personal)
• plan conferences/parties/reunions
• track monthly statements and online payments
• act as filter for email and respond as appropriate
• invoicing and client/customer mailings
• research and submit to appropriate exhibition opportunities
• research grant writing, agents and gallery representation
• research and sourcing raw materials and/or supplies

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